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Lifeventure's Changing Robe is a super compact, absorbent and comfy robe for changing outdoors, read our review to find out more.

lifeventure changing robe
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Every outdoors adventurist needs one in their wardrobe (or backpack)
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Getting changed without baring your bottom to passers-by
What's not to like?

We didn't know how useful a changing robe could be until getting one of Lifeventure's and ever since it has been stuffed into our backpacks on hiking trips, surfing trips and family holidays, becoming a surprise staple of our outdoor wardrobe.

Hiking may seem like a bizarre use for a changing robe, but in simple terms it means you can be comfortable on the drive in - wearing your casual clothes rather than clammy base layers and you don't then have to bare your bottom to passers-by when you get there. This makes the decision of whether to change before leaving or when you arrive a no-brainer.

Thanks to its lightweight and compact nature Lifeventure's Changing Robe is also really easy to take to the beach in a backpack - you only need as much space as a small water bottle. When you unfurl it though it's easily big enough to undress or dress in, thanks to wide stretchy arms, a split hem and a spacious feel elsewhere.

If you're going sea swimming or surfing, the lightweight SoftFibre fabric is perfect for drying off - it can absorb its own weight in water and dries much faster than a conventional towel. Less washing is better for the environment so we're also happy that Lifeventure have treated the Changing Robe with Polygeine which staves off odours for longer - it's one of our favourite stink repelling treatments because it really works.

If the Changing Robe Compact is too thin for cold winter wild swims then there's also a Warm option available, this uses a lovely soft fleecy fabric which feels super comfortable and is still very lightweight despite taking up a fair amount more space.

If you love to live life outdoors then buy this changing robe - it's cheaper than most, super compact and does the intended job well.

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