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The ATS Trail LF92 shoes from Columbia have the aesthetics of a comfy leisure shoe but have a few tricks up their sleeve which give them a good dose of performance on the trail.

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Adventure travel
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Very comfortable to wear
Sole scuffs and wears too easily

For the intended use the ATS Trail LF92 shoes have great cushioning from the EVA Techlite midsole. There's good energy return, putting a spring in your step which helps reduce fatigue on long walks and when trudging around sightseeing spots. On the flip side, if you push them too hard on technical trails you risk getting an ankle injury as the shoes won't provide you with the lateral support you need to avoid rolled ankles and the like.

The Omni-Grip sole has closely spaced, shallow lugs so is optimised for use in cities, on well-maintained paths, pedalling a bike, playing tennis etc. Put to these uses, the shoe provides good grip, again if you push the shoe too hard and start traipsing around in muddy bogs you're clearly going to run in to trouble.

The OutDry waterproof membrane does a fantastic job of keeping your feet dry in downpours, the membrane is bonded directly to the outside of the shoe rather than sandwiched between two layers so does away with the need for seam sealing as well as increased weight when the shoe gets wet.

Talking of weight, these are light by anyone's standards, we've had sandals that are much heavier. This light weight construction contributes to the easy going, comfortable wearing experience.

The low key casual looks work well for general use and travel, but some might find then just a little too trainer like and not quite smart enough to be a one shoe quiver.

Overall, we love the ATS Trail LF92 shoes, they're a great shoe for adventure travel as well as general fun on the trail and on the bike, at £90 they're also excellent value and well worth the investment.

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