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Craghoppers are masters of warm weather travel kit, but they're relative newcomers to walking boots. Can they compete in a crowded market with their Salado Desert High?

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As walking boots go the Salado High are soft and pliable in the upper, and especially the sole where there isn't a great deal of torsional stiffness at all. This makes them pretty darn comfortable to wear, afterall our most comfortable footwear - slippers are as soft as it gets. For walking in British countryside though this is less than ideal, as the lack of stability and constant trail feel soon tires you out on all but the most level of paths.

Ignoring UK walking, which Craghoppers don't claim the Salado Desert to be made for, these are a well thought out pair of boots.

With smooth sand underfoot the sole suddenly makes sense and the high ankle gives great protection from biting critters - as does the built in Nosilife protection. An added bonus is the elasticated cover to stop anything that crawls getting into your boots when you aren't wearing them.

Of course, the Salado Desert High doesn't have waterproof liners - this makes them rubbish in the soggy UK weather but they're just so much more breathable making high 40's summer days in scorching desert sands more bearable.

Sizing is pretty generic, neither narrow nor wide so they should suit the majority of feet, and that soft upper is easy to cinch down, but the length is a little off. We would recommend trying before you buy or if ordering online go up half a size or so.

Overall a decent pair of boots but somewhat of a one trick pony. If you're walking is ostensibly in the UK give these a miss but if you are heading off for a desert adventure the Salado High are worth a closer look.


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