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Augment your cycling experience and try out a few of our favourite accessories of the year. 

powertraveller falcon 7 solar panel

Ortlieb Waterproof First Aid Kit.jpgOrtlieb Waterproof First Aid Kit | £20

Ortlieb know a thing or two about making bags, and they’ve applied that knowledge in miniature form to the case for their waterproof first aid kit.

This IP64 waterproof (one of the higher waterproof ratings) bag has a classic pannier roll top closure that gives you quick and easy access to the contents inside – a basic, customisable first aid kit ideal for touring.


Aeropress 1.jpgAerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker | £30

Whilst we obviously appreciate a decent cup of coffee, it can be hard to come across a Costa/Starbucks/Caffe Nero/Hipster Coffee Hub when you’re on a multi-day bike ride. Enter the AeroPress coffee maker.

Easy to use (just pop in a filter and coffee, fill with hot water and plunge) and to carry, the AeroPress produces a really good cup of coffee on the fly. So good in fact, that we use it at home! One for your bikepacking wishlist.


Powertraveller Falcon 7 Solar Panel.jpgPowertraveller Falcon 7 portable solar charger | £70

Using high-efficiency monocrystalline cells, the foldable Falcon 7 solar powered charger is the ideal companion for off-grid adventures.

It can be lashed to the outside of your pack to maximise power harvesting potential on the move and the IPX4 waterproofing means you can keep going even if the heavens suddenly open. 


Smith PivLock Arena.jpgSmith PivLock Arena Max ChromaPop sunglasses  | £120

Smith’s Pivlock Arena sunglasses have a classic frameless wraparound look that will suit mountain bikers and roadies alike. We tested a Chromapop lens but the glasses are also available with a multitude of different lenses and colours.

The frameless design is more than a style statement - there's no loss of peripheral vision around the edges, and the low weight of 29g will make you forget you're wearing them.


Topeak Defender iGlow X.jpgTopeak Defender iGlow X | £50

An innovative idea, the Topeak iGlowX mudguard set combines night time visibility with the benefits of splash protection. The width allows you up to 25mm tyres, making these the preserve of road bike users only.

The unique selling point of the Defender iGlow X is the strip of LED lights that adorn the length of the mudguards - although not particularly bright, the sheer coverage they provide gives you great visibility on the road at night. This is a fantastic idea that makes use of otherwise wasted space.


GGarmin Edge Explore 820.jpgarmin Edge Explore 820 | £300

The lightweight, compact Garmin Edge Explore 820 is Garmin’s more affordable unit and proved straightforward to set up, with good battery life and a touchscreen that’s responsive even when wet.

The pre-loaded Garmin Cycle Maps provide you with a choice of routes and bike paths, points of interest, elevation data and the ability to search using an address. 


Cube Edge Trail Backpack | £124


The Edge Trail's long list of features should please even the pickiest of cyclist, from an easy-access tool compartment in the front flap and hydration bladder and back protector compatibility to the helmet carry system, goggle pocket and rain cover.

The padded hip belt houses spacious zipped pockets, and the main compartment swallows up plenty of gear. If that's not enough, it's all made supremely comfortable by Cube’s ergonomically designed ‘Natural Fit Concept’.


Rode Video micMe.jpgRODE VideoMic Me | £57

How many times have you taken the time to set up and record a short clip of your cycling trip on your smartphone, only to find out that you can’t hear thing when you play it back later due to wind noise?

Enter the VideoMic Me – a neat, lightweight directional microphone designed to deliver high quality audio on videos recorded on smartphones. It can be mounted in whatever direction the camera is facing and comes with a wind sock, meaning you can still record even when it’s blowing a hoolie on top of a hill!


ExExposure Revo.jpgposure Revo with Dynamo Hub | £240

The Revo Dynamo is no entry level bike light. It’s certainly an investment, yet it is one that will appeal to committed endurance cyclists in it for the long game. The Dynamo requires quite a bit of setting up – a hub has to be built into a wheel of your choice.

But it's worth the faff – it’s bloody good, and powers up and gets brighter as you pedal. Pair it with the Exposure Red Eye rear light and you’ve got a complete battery-free lighting solution. Genius.


PPits & Bits Wash Kit.jpgits & Bits Wash Kit | £7.50

Staying clean and pong-free on multi-day wild cycling adventures can often mean enduring a clammy wet wipe wash, so we were glad when this smart little kit from Pits & Bits landed on our desk, promising to banish grime in a much more effective way.

This particular kit contains exactly what you need for wild camps, including body wash and shampoo, and requires no water to work - just add a small travel towel. Overall, a handy bit of kit that takes up little space or weight.

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